Similar to PROfiler, the PROmotion software has also been programmed in MATLAB and can run on Windows OS without the necessity of having MATLAB installed.

PROmotion has been developed as a data analysis tool to view and analyse the tyre temperature data in generated MAT files.

Basic functionalities are:

  • Load up to three runs in parallel
  • Load up to four temperature profiles for each run (front left, front right, rear left, rear right)
  • Display any other data available from the MAT files input
  • All data are displayed and can be scrolled distance based
  • Overlay function for all three runs
  • Display tyre individual average temperatures over whole run

The tool will be continuously developed to implement other relevant functionalities.
Due to the MATLAB based programming it will be open for customers to implement their own functionalities and analysis methods as well.

PROmotion Data Analysis