In most racing series the technical regulations are more and more restricting the areas to gain advantages over your competitors. The reduced room for technical innovations increases the performance density and promotes the optimum tyre usage to one of the most critical performance factors.


In modern Formula One for example a single percent of race car performance usually decides between Pole Position or Midfield in the starting grid.

Understanding, modelling and management of tyres has become one of the top priorities in today’s top level motorsports classes.

Warm-up, graining, blistering and tyre wear are some of the key words when talking about tyre management. And they are all linked to tyre temperature.

To measure, understand and optimize the tyre temperature is the key to success in motorsports.

TyreTempPRO is the ultimative tool to approach tyre temperature handling in order to gain the last and most decisive percent of race car performance.

Tyre Management